Islam Daughters


Women on the streets, women covered or uncovered, free women, emancipated women, frustrated women, undecided women, weak women, strong women. These and many more make up the facets of being a woman in the Islamic world.

The pressure and repression of religion and the political system in order to maintain the structure of power, establishes a conflict with the economic capitalist system that Islamic countries have adopted. The situation this contradiction generates makes women live in a continuous conflict between two opposing forces:
On one side the rampant consumerism that makes you buy and eat, dress and act like a Westerner, and on the other side the pressure from family and institutions in which politics and religion acquire the same value and meaning.

Traditional clothing sometimes mixes with Western fashion, others it blindly follows tradition and tribal laws, unchanged over the centuries.
Walking on the streets of islamics cities, the eyes are caught by the generational conflict between young people and adults; mutating visions, completely opposed, trying to coexist.

The code of conduct of women in public places is continually influenced by religion.
At the same time the free access to information through the Internet, allows women to inform themselves about reality and finally exploit their potential, which has always been repressed by tradition. However, prejudices held amongst women themselves still obstaculize their full emancipation. The generational conflict between the old generation, still tied to tradition and the new one, projected towards a consumerist utopia.

The city of Istanbul, cosmopolitan and at the same time one of the biggest capitals of the Islamic world, is the right place to find the imaginary border between the West and the Middle East: between two differents ideologies that share the same bread, the same global economy that subjugates the 7 billion people that inhabit this planet.

Glimpses of scenes of everyday life, architectures, glances, unspoken words which show us how hard and multifaceted the reality of being a woman in 'Islam can be, in a culture deeply impregnated by patriarchy, but being slowly forced, day by day, to give way to women.
The constant and growing thirst for knowledge of women will be one of the biggest weapons against the ignorance and prejudices of society.

The struggle for the emancipation of women in the Islamic world is still ongoing, and it's amazing to admire the strength of women who reject the imposed standards and obligations, and gradually take charge of their ability and right to be fully female, with no more shame, forced responsability to the family or to society. An emancipation that proposes an alternative model to that of the Western one, without following the current global trends if not actually establish a cultural and social revolution of women in Islam while maintaining their cultural identity, an heritage that must not be lost and closely guarded, because is a priceless gift, that capitalism and globalisation is tryng to delete, but have to be protected, loved, and shared.