Al bahr poets


This project is dedicated to those who search for harmony between the individual and its environment, aware that without this balance there is no hope.

A gaze into the world of Morocco's fishermen, following the coast from north to south until the desert's edge.
The quiet fishermen's villages are slowly disappearing, absorbed by the big european chain's new fish trades which, with their refrigerated trucks, rip the fish out of the little fishermen's hands to bring it to the big markets in Agadir, Casablanca and beyond, to Europe.

This “emerging” market is destroying retail sales, fruit of the fishermen's efforts. From being free they go to being dependant on the tyranny of exportation, which regulates the pricing, lowering the value of fish and labour itself.

The Al Bahr poets inhabit the caves on the bled coast of Morocco, living without altering the ocean's rhythm and the blow of the wind since millenniums ago, transmitting the experience of a fisherman's life from generation to generation.

Every day they descend to the shore, venturing into the ocean with their boats at 3:00 a.m, to wake up the fish, or perch themselves over sharp promontories with their rods or bamboo spears. Free and solitary, they give up their families to tend to their job, with respect toward their home, the ocean, playing into its game without altering it, following the rhythm of the waves.

Brief summary: The Al bahr poets is a photographic series documenting the Moroccan coast through the lives of its fishermen: a people who fight in silence against being forgotten, against the exportation market that - since being introduced into Morocco - deteriorates retail sale every day.
The report tells small stories about everyday gestures, about the synchronicity between the ocean's rhythm and life's.
A simple story about lives, knowledge, waiting, patience and hope.

*Al Bahr: from arabic, "The sea"