Valentina, Ranieri


About her

Valentina is a self-trained Documentary Photographer, raised in Italy, and currently based in Barcelona. From an early age, her rigorous world-wide travels throughout Asia, North Africa, Europe, USA and Canada opened her eyes and encouraged her to start taking pictures and since that time she never stops.

On 2010 she graduated at Serra y Abella Photography institute in Barcelona and at the same time she start work in Fashion Photography, shooting mostly Street Style and Backstage Reportage. She has been covering fashion shows in New York ,London, Paris, Milan,Copenhagen, Madrid, and Barcelona since 2011, during  women’s wear RTW  and Haute Couture shows.

At the same time she travel around the world self-financing her own phtotoreportage projects. Women's rights is a recurring issue in her photos.

Obstinate nomad, she captures stories of people and places through the camera, synchronizing with the one and in each one, in a simple frame.

Main Clients and Publications


  • L'estrop Produccions sl
  • Runway Manhattan
  • Esma Proyectos S.L
  • Desigual
  • FashiontoMax
  • Grazia
  • The Source Magazine
  • Fajo Magazine
  • Essence Magazine
  • Yo Dona
  • El Pais


  • Street Photography Awards 2015 Top Rated Photos Lens Culture